Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our first visitors

Last Thursday night, my sisters Cami and Kim (with baby Sam in tow) pulled up to our house. I was so excited to have people come stay at our house for the first time. (One of the perks of living here will be seeing family more often, I hope.) The first thing they said when I walked out the door was, "Man, it is HOT!" It was 11pm. I said, "Wait until the sun comes up!"

Aside from them hating the heat as much as I do, we had a great time together. We took the kids to see Toy Story 3 and went shopping at the outlets on Friday, and on Saturday we ate at a buffet and saw the strip. (What a disgusting place.) Saturday night I got a babysitter for our first time here and we went to a Minute to Win It party at some friends' house. Kim and Cami stayed for church on Sunday and left in the afternoon. I was sad to see them go and hope that they'll come back soon. Although I wouldn't blame them if they waited until winter.


Camille said...

Man, do we all look alike or what? Same nose, definitely. :) Thanks again for letting us come Steph! It was the best!

I see you're still only posting one pic. We should have tried to figure blogger out together while I was there...

Charity said...

Yeah, sisters are the best. How fun that you all live close enough to visit for a weekend!