Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy birthday, Leighton!

Have you seen Brian Regan? There's a really funny part where he's talking about shopping for a greeting card in the store and making fun of the card section called "New Baby." He says, "Is there such thing as old baby?" And then pretends to be a dumb guy who says, "My friends had a baby...and I let time get away from me...and he's 12." It's hilarious. But that's how I feel. I let time get away from me. All my good intentions of frequent blogging last week were all for naught.
But I came to report that my baby turned two. You know, this baby.
All of the sudden he's looking like this
and causing all sorts of trouble. I don't get it.
But we celebrated his day with friends, hot dogs (his favorite food) and a basketball cake and ice cream. He got a basketball hoop, some blocks, and the Incredibles movie for his gifts and was thrilled with all three. It was a special treat to have Daddy home for most of the day. If you remember from last year, Daddy was in Kuwait; he's never been around for a Leighton birthday. He was especially glad to be there.
So happy birthday to my Bubba. I'm so thankful to have you. Even on days when you are violent and insane, I couldn't have asked for a better boy.


Ali said...

We love Brian Reagan!

"The Big Yellow One is the Sun!"

Happy Birthday Leighton!

I can relate to what you wrote.Henry turned two and became another child. Did I completely block out the change with Eliza or was I able to cope with her terrible two's easier? Henry totally increased in awesomeness and insane, impossible to reason with, craziness all at once.

Little boys are so great though.

Camille said...

Happy birthday to Bubba! Can't wait to see him this weekend.

"Hey, sorry about your Uncle Fred
but sometimes you just end up dead
Did someone hit him in the head?
Did they pump him full of lead?

WHAAAT? Are they trying to be humorous?"

Just had to share my other favorite part of that segment...

Brittani said...

are you sure that is the same kid??? He is soooooo cute, I lvoe him!

bones chick said...

happy birthday I can't believe your two!!

Cindi said...

Leighton- you are so cute!!!

Kirsten and Steve said...

violent and insane....that pretty much describes my 2 year old, Ben. :) Amazing how I still love him like crazy and he can still be super adorable while throwing and spitting :) p.s. I love that Brian Regan skit. Glad you guys are in a house!!