Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A few messages, and St. George

This is a little message to the weird person who leaves Asian-character comments on my blog every day: PLEASE STOP. Thank you.
This is a little message to Blogger: You are so annoying how you haven't let me post pictures in my old, normal way for at least the last year. That is why I only put one picture per post. Sometimes I hate you and you make me not want to go to the trouble of blogging. Please go back to your old self. Thank you.

This is a little message to Henry Louis Gates, Jr.: I love all your documentaries. You are awesome, and you make me want to do geneology. Thank you.

Anyway, here's a report on our fun trip to St. George. It was at Leighton's birthday party las Friday; we were all (us, the Culvers, and the Noyes') sitting outside eating cake and puddles of ice cream in the cool 105 degree evening, when Clay said, "Let's go to St. George." After all our initial reactions of laughing and joking about doing it, we all said, "Why not? Let's do it for real." So we gave ourselves an hour to pack and bathe the kids and be on the road. We got to Clay's parents' vacation house at about 11pm and went to bed.

Andrew and Clay got up early the next morning to go golfing; the rest of us slept in until 9am or so. After Clay was soundly defeated by my Tiger Woods of a husband, we all went to a late breakfast at Village Inn. The early afternoon was spent swimming at the local pool, which was awesome and so refreshing. During nap time, us girls took off to do some shopping and left the men home with the children. Kara, Stacey, and I hit up Tai Pan (where I spent the most money and got some awesome stuff for the house including a beautiful giant basket that has no specific purpose yet), stopped for refreshment at Arctic Circle, then finished off at the outlet mall where I bought nothing and Stacey bought a way cute black dress. (Maternity shopping is no fun, especially at non-maternity stores. I much prefer to watch skinny people buy clothes for themselves and dream of the day when I, too, will fit into normal sizes.)

Finding all to be well at home with the kids, we were glad we had gone and not shopped a bit for our kids. We went to dinner at 5 Guys Burgers and Fries, where I decided that the fries are far better than In'n'Out's and the burger was awesome too. We finished off the day with Nelson's Frozen Custard and headed back home to Vegas.

Oh, but I can't forget how we drove home at the very peril of our lives. That's in bold because I am so serious, we could have died. Some freaky guy followed us for about 35 miles, flashing his brights and changing lanes right behind us. Clay finally called 911 as a precaution, we pulled off a well-lit exit, and the freak sped on by. 35 miles is a long time to not take a proper breath, I tell you what - I was a little winded from all that paranoia. I was so scared, but thankfully all was well.

This is a little message to St. George: You are beautiful. I want to live in you someday. (That's a weird sentence if ever I have typed one.) Save me a spot, preferably near the golf course.

Thank you.


Ali said...

I love Tai Pan.

Our bank account is fortunate we live 1900 miles away from one!

How fun that you and Kara are so close. Could you do me a favor and pass on my request to read her blog?!

Let me know what you end up deciding about your kids and bedroom sharing. It shouldn't consume my mind, but some days it does. I need a life. Or a vacation as awesome as yours to St. George! I hope you end up living inside there someday :) That made me laugh!

Samye said...

How fun!! I love tai pan....way too much fun especially with no kids!

Camille said...

Fun trip Steph! Way to be spontaneous. :) And I completely agree-- 5 Guys is way better than In'n'Out. Can't wait to see you!

Cindi said...

Oh to be young and spontaneous again! That sounded like so much fun. Tell andrew to teach his old dad a few tricks. I can't remember when our lives haven't been planned out months in advance!!!

Elise said...

Fun trip! That's cool that you can be so spontaneous!

The Willis Wonder Years said...

What a fun spontanious trip! Sounds like you guys are living it up there in Vegas! That is awesome! The guy following you for 30 miles however is not awesome! Very scary! Glad you guys thought to call the cops. And especially glad he finally went on his merry way and left you all in peace!

Monique said...

Tell Andrew I'm ticked that he would drop everything and drive to St. George with your friends but he wouldn't stay over for New Years Eve because he didn't want to get the kids up in the morning!