Monday, July 12, 2010

Back pain

I don't know if I pinched a nerve in my lower back or if my belly just suddenly grew bigger and threw a huge curve in my spine, but I am dying.

It all started Saturday night just before we left to come home from our spontaneous 24-hour trip to St. George with the Noyes and Culver families. I got out of the car after the 1.5 hour drive and was in a lot of pain.

Yesterday it wasn't better. I woke up sore, bore it through church (even stupidly wearing heels because I had to give a talk in sac. meeting), and after church didn't do much but lay on the couch. Except for playing games with the Noyes family, where I just sat in a chair. Andrew gave me a good back rub (more like back push - I needed some serious spine digging) before I fell asleep last night and I thought today I would be fine.

But no. I woke up even worse this morning. I did a prenatal yoga video thinking it would work out whatever kink is in there, but as the day goes on I am steadily getting worse. I feel the same way I felt after my C-section, like I can't stand up straight. The more I try to act normal, the stiffer I become.

Does anyone have any back pain remedies for pregnancy? I don't think I can handle 8 more weeks of this without self-prescribing bedrest.


bones chick said...

Don't know what to tell you to do, but that sucks. I had to wear a sexy brace around so I wouldn't have back pain and could walk. That may be something you could chack into. Maybe we should come comfort you;)

Charity said...

Oh steph I'm so sorry. I had some wierd back pain, but it was more in the rear and down the back of the hurt. But they say oh do this stretch of that, but really delivery is the only cure!! I hope that isn't the case with you. Good luck.

Elisa said...

The only thing that helped me, when I couldn't walk, (which I only discovered after giving birth, not before) was strain, conterstrain at the Physical Therapists. She told me next time I am pregnant to do it during my pregnancy. But basically you just lay there, and they do all the work. It is some sort of muscle releasing trick, and it didn't really even hurt, but worked wonders. So call your local PT and get an apt! Hope your back gets better, and I am excited to see pics of your house!

Lindsay said...

I'm sorry about your back pain. I am having some pretty bad abdominal pain tonight, but it's only been a couple hours so I will see how it goes. Hope you get feeling better soon. I can't believe you're getting so close!

How far along is Kara? She always looks so cute.

Oh and I want to hear about your spontaneous trip to St. George. How fun!

Jen Bowen said...

A maternity belt has helped me a lot with the back pain I've had this time around. I got mine from Motherhood Maternity and the support helps my back so much. Good luck.

Deidra Smurthwaite said...

Try a chiropractor. There are some who specialize in pregnancy. It could really help and it also can help your body in getting ready for the birth, if you go a few times. I hope you figure something out! I'm sorry you're in pain :( Love ya!