Saturday, April 2, 2011


{This picture is from Thanksgiving last year, in the thick of the Doodle app phase.} A couple years ago, my parents gave me an iTouch for Christmas. Andrew's dad also passed on his old one to Andrew, so we became the proud owners of two iTouches. Which, ironically, we hardly ever touched. They sat on our iHome charger in the hallway, rarely being used.

Then Leighton came along. He loves little games like the doodle/drawing app on there, and he got attached to it. When my family came for Christmas a few months ago, Leighton fell hard and fast for my dad...because of his iPad. (Also, obviously, because of his good looks and charming personality. Hi, Dad.) He woke first thing in the morning asking, "Where's Grandpa's iPad?" and took it to bed with him at night.

We let him play with my iTouch often, as it would keep him quiet and trouble-free for long, rare, periods of time. But we left him alone with it too often, apparently, because he and Eva learned to access random videos on the internet through it. (I still don't know how to find what they were watching one day - some strange animate thing.) We disabled the internet, and then Leighton somehow erased his favorite drawing app on it.

The iTouch, once again, sat unused, as even Leighton couldn't figure out how to use it anymore. The only thing on there was Trivial Pursuit, and he obviously didn't get very far with that.

So on Thursday night, Andrew got it into his head to fix the iTouch. He got access back to the internet to fix our account and whatever else was wrong with it, and then, he made a fateful mistake.

He downloaded Angry Birds.

Now, I not only have an obsessed son, but an obsessed husband. They fight over it and take turns like children. (Although one of them has an excuse, because he is a child.) It is always in one of their hands...unless the battery is dead, and then it's temporarily on the charger again. Their personalities can't handle something like this, and the two oldest males in our household are on hiatus from their normal selves.

Today, General Conference, has given them ample opportunity to sit on the couch playing Angry Birds. Andrew justifies it, saying it's as brainless as me binding my quilt. I'll never play it to find out if he's right or not. I hope you can see why we will never ever EVER get a Wii or anything like it. An iTouch is bad enough.

Sometimes Angry Birds makes for one Angry Mama.


Brittani said...

if you do not want to get addicted, then you better never play it...cause it sucks you in! As for the wii, you sound exactly like me...and alas we now have one. I have to say, I warned the kids they had to prove to me they could handle it, we have strict rules no weekday playing and i realized that if I wanted our kids to want to hang out at our house, I had to provide a few things to make it cool. I have been impressed with the restraint the boys have been able to show and it has given them an opportunity to exercise self control. All things in moderation!!!

Lindsay said...

hahaha that's totally kenny and ty too! they both fight over it. i refuse to try it also. what is it with boys and games??

Ty & Cam said...

Bubba! I miss that cute face. I can totally see Andrew getting addicted to Angry Birds too- shoulda warned him about it :)

Chanel said...

Angry Birds is the only thing that has gotten Cambria through physical therapy. She screams, kicks and cries all the while playing angry birds. She will yell, "OW, OW, OW- Yes! I beat the next level!" All in the same breath. We are grateful for the stupid game that can be played with one hand- so are the therapists. Now if YOU want a game to be addicted to look for me on Words With Friends- I am Chanel# 5 (don't forget the space).

Chels said...

LOVE ANGRY BIRDS!!! It is so addictive! We love te ipods for travel and when the kids (especially Noah) needs some mind numbing lately. I love our WII and dancing with the kids, I love the XBox and the kinect so I can jump around with the kids and they can video chat and play games with cousins in different states. I am a terrible person for loving electronics ;)

The Willis Wonder Years said...

That stuff is SO addictive! I have to stear clear too otherwise I probably would spend forever playing it! But on a lighter note, your hair looks awesome in that pic!