Sunday, July 12, 2009

Love at home

Another stressful flight was ending, and our plane was descending down over Tacoma. I could see the neighborhoods dotted with the beautiful green trees. Not a cloud in the sky as we circled around to land. As I looked out the window, I couldn't help but tear up as two words kept running through my mind. "We're home."

I love my home. I love my plants full of fruits and vegetables, and even my brown lawn that will, once again, need to be resurrected through alot of love and care. I love the smell of my house. I love the colors of my walls. I love being on a schedule. I love having things to do, like grocery shopping and playgroups and meal planning. I love my calling. I love my friends.

I love how Leighton was so happy to be back that he just crawled around, exploring and babbling and laughing to himself. I love cooking in my kitchen. I love the map on our upstairs wall with Andrew's pins marking all his travels. I love leaving the windows open at night. I even love my perpetually dirty kitchen floor.

I love that I found Andrew's laundry still sitting on the top of the dryer and the bowl to the ice cream maker still sitting in the sink. (If I move those things, then he's REALLY I may just leave that laundry there for another 4 months. Just kidding, honey...I'll put it away before you get home.)

I love Washington weather. I love my minivan. I love my clean, organized garage. I love the little hummingbird feeder Andrew hung in the backyard, which has yet to attract any birds at all. I love my bathtub. I love sleeping in my own bed with 2 body pillows, even if it is lonely. I love everything about where I live.

Leaving was fun, but coming home is amazing. I feel peaceful and whole again. It's good to be home.


Elisa said...

Ya! Welcome home! Let me know when you want to go swimming. I have gone a couple of times now, and I felt just like your post, in the water! It was great! I am going to shoot for tomorrow, if you want to come, it will be Monday sometime when Jeremy is awake.

Brittani said...

Until home is bombarded by too many people and then you look forward to company leaving you peaceful and whole again!

Tess said...

So, does that mean the airplane ride home went better than the way there?!

Kellie said...

Steph, you're amazing. I don't think I've ever told you how much I look up to you. Can't wait to see ya....

I love you.