Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy first birthday, Leighton!

{Daddy wished his boy a happy birthday over Skype this year}
This boy is growing up faster than I can keep up with. Whereas many mothers feel sad at the passing of the first year, I celebrate the 12-month mark with enthusiasm. (As you may remember, babies are not my preferred type of human.) So as the infant and baby stages pass and the little boy stage approaches, I am thrilled.

However, I truly can't believe how fast it passed. The second year of life, from my limited experience, is my absolute favorite time. More personality with every passing day...Leighton is definitely not lacking in that department.

As I carried him up to bed tonight, he played a fake laughing game with me. He did his second real sign tonight at dinner (his first sign was "airplane," if you can believe that!) for "more." He makes us all so happy, and I'm glad he's ours to love. Happy Birthday, Buster Boonies. I love you like crazy.


stephen said...

Hey, its ashley (lily's mom). Steve is logged on and I'm too lazy to log him off! Just wanted to wish your little man a happy bday. He's gotten so big since i've seen him and his hair is getting so light!

Ali said...

Happy Birthday Leighton :)

I can't believe how blond his hair is!? He's adorable. I love 9-18 months of age for all the reasons you named. It's pre-sass... and I love it.

Katie said...

Happy Birthday Leighton! His smile is as sweet as Eva's! That's great he got to see Andrew! I love Web cams!

Elise said...

Happy Birthday, Leighton!

He is growing up so fast.

Melanie said...

Happy birthday Leighton! We'll have a celebration for you next week when you get back! Love you to pieces!!