Sunday, October 4, 2009

Home from NM

We're home! Here's what we did on our 12-day vacation.

-Flew to NM, enjoyed seeing all the Webbs. Leighton got horrible allergies and broke out in hives, most likely from the dog, but after much prayer and fasting, he was healed and didn't have as much of a reaction the rest of the time.

-Ate lots of yummy Mexican food, which we don't have here in the Pacific Northwest. If any Mexicans read this and want to come start a restaurant here, I will totally support you.

-Ate lots of food, period. Undid a little of my hard work in losing 11 pounds, probably gained back 2. But I still managed to work out consistently, even though I was probably doubling my normal calorie intake. What is vacation for, if not to send you home begging to go back to the gym?

-Scrapbooked with Chelsey, went to Hobby Lobby a few times and bought a "few" things. Why on earth don't we have that store here??

-Watched TV with Christi and Perry, and Brittani and Grant. Felt thankful to have family members who watch my same favorite shows.

-Saw my kids fall in love with all their cousins.

-Went to take a picture on our 3-month anniversary of deployment and found that my CAMERA IS BROKEN. It is flashing "ERR 99." If anyone has a Canon Digital Rebel and knows what that means and what I should do, please tell me. Hence, no pictures of the ENTIRE TRIP.

-Bought the PERFECT pair of brown boots, which broke after 2 hours of wear. Sadly, left them in NM to be returned. Back on the hunt for the perfect pair of brown boots. Also bought 3 cookbooks and a gorgeous pair of red heels, only to have them completely disappear. All you New Mexicans, please keep on the lookout for those things, as my frustration at buying them and not having them to enjoy mounts hourly.

-Welcomed my studly brother-in-law Johnathon home from his mission to Ukraine. (Not "the" Ukraine, I learned.) Wished Andrew would dress like his little brother just a little bit.
-Drove to UT (without a DVD player - yikes) and bade farewell to the Webbs with much sadness. Spent 2 days with my sisters Kim and Cami (and their new husbands), my dad, and brother Tim, who is also a stud. Watched conference, ate at Cafe Rio, and enjoyed the cool UT weather.

-By the end of the trip, Leighton had managed to lose all his shoes. I have 2 right feet of two very different pairs of shoes, but Andrew put him on a shoe ban. What to do? This trip was seriously not a good one for shoes in our family.

-Worried about going overweight on my baggage because of all the awesome things I bought, and felt very relieved to see that my heaviest bag was still only 40 pounds. Made it home safely to beautiful Washington. Loved every day of our trip and so glad we went. Happy beyond belief to be home.


Chris said...

Hey Stephanie, In regards to your post about your camera problem. This might help. I got it off the internet.
Canon Digital Rebel (300D): error 99:
The guy at tech support listened and then told me that the lens contacts were dirty and to get a pencil with an eraser on the end, just a regular old pencil with a red rubber eraser. Detach the lens from the camera, hold it so that the lens’ gold contacts are pointing down and lightly erase their exposed surface, cleaning them of any hand oil that might have gotten on them.

Do the same thing with the gold contacts inside the camera body. This is a bit harder but it’s doable: just hold camera so lens opening points down so no gunk falls in. Erase lightly. I used a lens cloth and dabbed at the contacts rather than blow them so as not to blow the erasings inside the camera.
I did this to each of my three lenses just to be sure. Lo and behold, it worked (so far anyway). I’ve shot numerous pictures with each lens and have not gotten a single error 99 message.

Elise said...

Hey, cute new header!

Ali said...

Welcome back!

I'm glad you were able to enjoy quality time with your family and eat Cafe Rio; two of my favorite things in the world.

I love the header of your blog by the way. Way cute!!

Samye said...

So glad you are back!! Starting to wonder what happened to you!! Love the new header, and love that you got to spend so much time with your family!

Perry, Christi and Logan said...

Glad you made it home safely! We really enjoyed having you here. Loved scrapooking and watching our shows. Loved seeing the kids too!
I guess we will see you hopefully at Christmas!

bones chick said...

Glad your home, and to let you know I was sad cleaning the hand prints off the windows today. Can't wait till your back at Christmas (maybe). Love those kids for me.