Monday, September 7, 2009

I just can't get it right.

Last week, after my nasty blister incident caused by the gym's boxing gloves, I decided that by next class I would be the owner of my own personal pair. I took a trip to Sports Authority to try some out. I tried on the same kind my boxing friends had, and they looked great. After trying on a pair, I put that one back and grabbed one from the back of the rack. You know, I never buy anything from the front of the stack - I always reach in the back to find one that nobody else has touched.

So tonight as I was on Skype with Andrew, I decided to show him my gloves. I ran to grab the bag from my bathroom and put them on for him. I punched the air with pride and imagined how cool I would look tomorrow morning in class. Then as I unstrapped them, I saw on the wristband: L/XL. What? There must be some mistake. I had gotten a pair of S/M gloves.

Sure enough, on the bag it was clearly marked L/XL. Crap. Apparently in grabbing one from the back of the stack, I got the wrong stinking size. Which means tomorrow morning I'll be wearing the stinking gym gloves, AGAIN. When my battle wound from last week is just barely healing, with a 1/4-inch-thick scab.

Looks like the stink and I will be battling it out again tomorrow. But by Thursday...mark my words. I WILL HAVE MY OWN PAIR OF GLOVES. A pair that fits. Dang it.


Lacking Productivity said...

At this point, you are immune to the gym gloves, so save your money and just keep using them. ;D

Ali said...

I like the idea of picking from the back. I'm sorry it didn't work out in the size department... but how awesome are you that you take a class that involves boxing gloves?! My hat off to you.

I just caught myself up on your blog and am still about to cry after reading about Eva popping her window screen out. I'm SO GLAD she's okay.