Sunday, September 6, 2009

Andersen Sisters take on Martha Stewart

You've probably seen (if not, then at least heard of) the new movie called Julie and Julia. Allow me to tell you my history with this movie, and how it came to influence my life.

Back in July, I was visiting my family in Houston. My sister Lindsay was there, and we decided to take advantage of a convenient babysitter (my mom) and go see a movie. At a theater. It was a very big deal. While sitting in the theater, we saw a preview for Julie and Julia. It was a moment of epiphany for me. I felt like that movie just fit in my soul, and I knew that nothing in the world would stop me from seeing it the day it came out. So our scheming began.

So it happened that last month Lindsay and I again found ourselves together - this time in Utah, with all our other sisters as well. After all our anticipation and planning, we took a sisters' day out to go see the movie. On the day it came out.

It did not disappoint. It may well be my #1 favorite movie I've ever seen. But that's not all. It got us all talking, and we decided that we wanted to do that same thing. We wanted to cook our way through a cookbook - together - and blog about it. Not to get famous, but to have a bonding experience, through food, across the country.

Back at home, I started racking my brain thinking of what would be the best cookbook for us to do. We are all at different levels in our cooking lives, and we all wanted something a little instructional in nature, where we could learn new skills along with making good food. I settled on Martha Stewart's Cooking School, and everyone agreed. We got our books ready, I made a syllabus for us (with my obsessively organizational nature, I couldn't just dive right in without the whole thing planned through the end!) and started our blog, and off we went.
Today was recipe #1 - chicken soup. (You may have seen the post if you use Google Reader - I accidentally posted it on here first.)

If you would like to follow along on our journey through Martha's world, or even join in the fun, check it out. But be warned: Martha Stewart University is no place for the faint-hearted. Just ask the poor chicken I hacked up today.


Charity said...

Sounds like fun. What a good idea. I liked your soup post- I agree with you on the chicken: pre cut (and boneless/skinless) are very nice!

Leah said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I also enjoyed the soup recipe, sometimes you learn the most from a flop.

Lacking Productivity said...

You are a trouper to take on Martha Stewart's stuff. For the most part, I feel like her recipes are lengthy and exhausting...however I expect the end result is often worth it.