Monday, August 3, 2009

I knew I 'd forgotten something.

I had that feeling as I drove away from the house this morning - that feeling of slight uneasiness you inevitably get when you've had a big list of things to pack but feel certain you must have forgotten at least one of them.

I was on my way to the gym. I was planning to head straight from the gym to base for Leighton's 1 year well-baby appointment, so I brought everything I needed to shower and get ready for the day away from home.

As I merged onto the interstate, I mentally ran through the things I needed and had packed. Hair straightener, facewash...oh, I forgot a hair brush! Oh well - I would make do without one. Part of the beauty of short hair. Clothes, clean underwear, makeup - shoes! I forgot shoes. Then I remembered I had randomly been keeping a pair of sandals in the car. For such a time as this, as the biblical saying goes. Having run through the list, I felt confident I had everything. I pushed the uneasy feeling aside and continued on my merry way.

Oh, how I love my gym. The kids love playing at childcare, and I love playing on the exercise equipment and getting a break from them. I dropped them off, waved goodbye, and went off to get some cardio in - riding the stationary bike while reading Jane Eyre. After that, I headed to the women's only workout room to lift weights (because I'm insecure like that and wouldn't feel comfortable lifting my 5 pounds in front of all the men) and do some ab work. Feeling pretty good, I went to the locker room to shower.

Inside my stall, I prepared all my things - hung my towels over the door, put my sandals on the floor, got my shirt and shorts ready to put on...and then I realized what I had forgotten. A BRA.

I forgot to bring a bra. Feelings of panic ran through my mind. What could I do? I had no time to go home and get one before the dr. appt. I was not about to stay in my rather immodest and sweaty sports bra/tank top in public.

I let the warm water run over me as I laughed to myself. I thought, I can't believe I'm really about to free-boob it. Just recently, I told someone the story of the time in college when I got to class and realized I had forgotten to put a bra on. But that was then, this is now. Back then I definitely did not have 2 kids, and gravity hadn't yet taken its heavy toll on the girls, if you know what I mean. It is SO much less acceptable for this to happen now.

But I was left with no option. I had to giggle nervously as I slipped my shirt on and walked out of the shower stall. I carefully glanced around to see if anyone would stare at me. Was it obvious? I looked in the mirror as I blow dried my hair. Not too bad, actually. If you had never seen me with a (PADDED) bra on, you might not notice the difference.

As I picked up the kids and ran the errands of the rest of the morning, I felt like I had a special secret. Or maybe it wasn't a secret. Maybe everyone knew it, and it was the first thing they said at the dr's office after I walked out of the building. "Did you see how she wasn't wearing a bra? How indecent! And she being a mother of two...what a shame!" Maybe. But probably not.
Back home, I must admit that I still have not put one on. I secretly hate them, and if I can get away with not wearing one for a day, then I will. I feel

All I can say is, it's a good thing I'm not well-endowed. Just for today, I'm thankful for the curse of flatness.

But tomorrow, a bra will definitely be the first thing I pack in my gym bag.


Ali said...

Ha ha ha! That's so great!

I totally get what you mean about gravity having taken it's toll on the girls. My ladies are sad and droopy without the assistance of a bra. Oh man, I'm still laughing.

Brittani said...

nice Steph...enjoy the freedom, Wahooooooo!

Samye said...

Hilarious! Gravity and the girls are never a good mix after having kiddos. Love it!

Lacking Productivity said...

If that were me, my biggest concern would be the fact that I had more than left my bra. You see, my bra is my replacement chest, because I was tragically born with a couple of pancakes up top...and people really don't want pancakes all day, everyday, so my bra brings the thunder...metaphorically speaking.

Perry, Christi and Logan said...

Ha Ha..that is hilarious!

Chanel said...

What are you, a granola or a European? Are you gonna stop shaving now too? :) Sounds wonderful, but I would need a boob job and laser hair removal first!