Monday, June 22, 2009

I know, I said I was back. I lied a little. But here I am again.

I finally threw away my Christmas wreath. We bought it at a local farm early last December, and it adorned the door of my scrapbook room until last week. I would have kept it up longer if it weren't for the giant red velvet bow, as it still smelled divinely of pine. But I felt keeping it longer than half a year would put me in the "white trash" category, and so I gave in to social pressure. My house is finally free of all signs of Christmas...but only for another 4 months.

This group of girls. What to say? This is the first picture I have taken with this girls. These girls over whom I pray and think and work and plan. So much of my life goes into my Young Women - it's only right they should have a spot on my blog. Of course, this isnt' all of them - this was last Wednesday at our swim party mutual at Elisa's lake house. Surprisingly, my Beehives made up the majority of the group - the entire right half of the picture. Carissa in the red shorts, my newest Beehive and a gift straight from heaven. That girl just may save my sanity, I swear it. Christina in the back, making a peace sign. Shay, turning to the side, then Courtney in blue and Katie wrapped in the towel. And there's me, peeking over the left side. I'm glad to have this picture.

Andrew is leaving this week. True to Air Force style, we're still not sure exactly what day. I feel surprisingly at peace with the situation. Andrew's parents were here visiting this past weekend and Perry gave Andrew a beautiful priesthood blessing that gave me strength. I know that we will come through this deployment better people and a better family than we are now.
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Lacking Productivity said...

I would have kept the wreath. As long as it isn't in the front room, you are golden to keep it up all year long.