Thursday, January 7, 2010

A shove in the right direction.

Suddenly, I can't remember how to blog anymore. It's not that I don't think about blogging. The thought of people getting on my blog, seeing nothing new, and sighing with disappointment at my lack of posts drives me crazy. But for the last little while, I tell myself to go blog, and my mind has this breakdown. "What should I write about? I have absolutely nothing to say. I can't even remember how to form an intelligent thought in writing. I don't want to just write about my kids or post Christmas pictures. But what interesting thought do I have that anyone would want to read?" Hence, the last few months of sporadic posting.

So this is my pathetic attempt at blogging, no matter how uninteresting.
Here is a list, since I usually love to make lists. Here are a few things I have an undying love for lately:

~Shrimp. I can't get enough of it, and I want to eat it everyday. In fact, I have eaten it 3 times already this week. And it's only Thursday. Mmmm.

~Michael Pollan. I watched Food, Inc., was hooked. Then I read The Omnivore's Dilemma and my affection was sealed.

~Fred Meyer. I recently became a convert to that store, and I love it. Tonight in the produce section, I had the best shopping experience of my life. When I asked a friendly worker lady which one was a turnip (I couldn't tell them apart from the rutabagas), she was so kind and helpful.

~My Bumbles watch. I ordered it at Thanksgiving and got it before Christmas, and I am in love with it. Everyone should have a beaded watch band.

~Leighton's smile.

~Eva's funny comments - like tonight, when she said Jesus's heart was full of ice. Where does she come up with this stuff?

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Ali said...

I love reading your blog, always!

Do it for yourself and your family first and try not to worry about the "other" people (like me) who read it.

I always worry that someones going to be annoyed by what and how I write so I try to quickly remind myself that no one's forcing them to look at what's going, it's their choice. Right?

P.S. I don't like shrimp (sad for Andrew) but I do love Leighton's smile too!

Amy Jenks said...

Hey Stephanie -
I was just thinking about you and wonder if you might have some advice for me.
Jeff is going to be on out-rotations for 4 months (1 in OH, then back for a month then 3 straight PA,PA,OH) where I won't see him at all. Starting next month, even when he is here I will not see him much at all - that's saying something because he already is gone a ton for med school.) I'm SO not looking forward to it.
If you think of anything you'd like to share about how you got through so well and stayed so positive, let me know.
amyjenks at