Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So long, farewell to 2010

Well, this year is coming to an end. It has certainly been my worst year yet for blogging, which has brought me a great deal of guilt.
I have decided that 2011 is my year for a few things, one of which will be WRITING. I love it, and I want to pursue it more. I will be dedicating daily time to it next year. But I'm still just not sure about this little blog. I feel like it needs a fresh start, or a purpose of some sort. It's not my journal, as I write that elsewhere. It's not my scrapbook, as I do that other ways. So what is it? Why do I want to keep writing here, and what should I write about?
I don't know. But I'm going to figure it out, hopefully within the next 2 days.
I'll let you know.
2010 was, by and large, the worst year of my life in many ways. I understand now how people can say, "It's just been a hard year." The move was hard, my birth and recovery were hard. But I don't want to remember the hard times, at least not foremost in my mind. Although this year brought more challenges than any other, it was also good in countless ways.
I am happy.
And I'm looking forward to putting a new calendar on my wall and starting all over again.


Camille said...

Hey- I took that picture!! :) Sister's blog will be a good place for topics and purpose?

Brittani said...

that is sucha great family picture and you look beautiful. I know what you mean about hard year...I think this was the 3rd, I too hope it gets better. Thanks goodness I am so blessed so my happiness and family ofset the HARD. Here is to next year and a rockin girls week you do not have to abandon!

Monique said...

your long hair is throwing me off, it doesn't even look like you. Mine is actually getting long too now. And your purpose for your blog is to keep people like me and Deidra updated on your life. I miss you and want to see pictures of you and your big kids, so you could add a little more next time! We'll miss you guys tomorrow night. Love you tons.

Cindi said...

So cute!! I miss you guys so much. I could use some of those Eva laughs!