Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Still alive and punching

Our computer is broken. I don't have access to all the files I need; hence, the slacking on preschool posting. We have still been having preschool, which is the most important part, but I apologize if there happened to be anyone waiting for my next preschool post. It will eventually come. :)

We are seriously having a "broken" streak right now. First my Bosch blender, then my hand mixer, then our TV, then our computer, and today our new replacement blender broke. (We have BAD luck with blenders. Any reccommendations on a good blender for smoothie-making?) We hit the 60,000 mile mark on the van and took that in for a tune-up. I joined a way expensive, totally awesome, boxing gym. Life is generally expensive right now. Perfect timing, with Christmas coming up, right? Oh well - we've been really lucky since we got married not to have lots of repairs to make, and I guess our good streak is over.

So my boxing gym. HELLO, awesome. I went on Saturday, knowing full-well that I would fall in love and it would be pricey. And that's exactly it. Since we moved here I have been in serious boxing withdrawals. I knew I loved it, but I didn't know how much until I didn't have it. And now, it's back in my life. With a vengeance. I had the most killer workout of my life today. I have been on my lose-the-baby-weight-plus-some journey for a few weeks now, and I feel great. Progress isn't lightning fast, but the important thing is establishing good habits, I think. I've been using sparkpeople.com to track my food and have been totally shocked at how many calories I consume every day. Just writing it down, without making any drastic changes, has already made a difference. Good-bye to my days of eating ice cream straight from the carton and accidentally eating a quarter of it.

So no pictures or anything fabulous to write about, but I just missed my little blog and thought I'd drop in for a quick note. Later.

P.S. Our house is totally ready for Christmas. Tree, lights, and all. I LOVE this time of year. The only thing missing is a beautiful Washington Christmas tree cut down by my dear husband. Costco artificial fit the bill this year.


Elisa said...

Fun! you have to tell me how it compares to Kim. we still love that class, it just doesn't seem to get old like other workouts.

HAYHAY said...

Dude...I am totally putting up Christmas stuff THIS week. There have been a few Nay-sayers about it, but for me IT is TIME! I'm excited yours is ready! I'm on my second bosch blender also, and mine just broke! It is the pits because we need our smoothies. I've heard Blend-tec is awesome.

Great job with the punching. I wish I could join you.!!


Watts Family said...

Keep on posting because I love them. Congrats on finding an awesome gym. And I am one of those readers that likes to see what you are doing with school because you have inspired me to do it as well. Owen even gets on one of the websites that you use and tells me which activity he would like to do that day.
Keep up all your great work!

Johnathon Webb said...

Christmas... really... already?!

Johnathon Webb said...
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