Thursday, August 12, 2010

A break from the heat

Last week I declared I couldn't handle the heat any more. Not one minute more of sweating, not one more time of stepping out in the suffocating heat and feeling like my lungs would catch on fire, not one more load-up in a car in a burning-up parking lot. So we took a drive up to the mountains in search of cooler temperatures.
I am happy to report that we found them. My jaw dropped along with the temperature recorded on the van's thermometer thing - when we reached a low of 75 degrees I almost cried from joy. The slight breeze made me want to sit in the shade and never go back home. That idea seemed especially grand when we pulled back in the driveway and saw 108 as our new climate. But breathing mountain air was good for my soul and gave me a little boost. At least for an hour or so, until the heat got to me again. I have never been so thankful for air conditioning, or for a husband who lets me keep it at 74 degrees at night. (My little oven won't let me sleep if it's any warmer than that.) He doesn't even complain when the electric bill comes in at a whopping $300. Good thing this pregnancy is almost over - I can soon go back to being the one who is always cold. I hope.
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bones chick said...

I can't wait for you to get a break from your oven too. We can't wait to have another cutie around!

HAYHAY said...

I love you spontaneity. Your kids probably loved that. OH MAN... I feel for you on the heat issue. We are going through the same thing, except I'm not pregnant. I feel for you and Kare.

It was in the 100s plus humidity for about three weeks here. Every time I walked outside I felt like someone wrapped a wet sheet (that had been soaking in boiling water) around my body. I can't imagine being pregnant on top of

I like reading your blog.
Bury my testimony...ha.