Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wedded bliss

I put a little bit of pressure on myself to write a stellar blog post about Andrew coming home. Seeing as how it was the greatest event in my life so far (besides marrying him), I wanted a blog post to match. But after having him back for 11 days now and having that long to think about what I want to remember about this time, I decided to lose the self-imposed pressure. Because all I really want to remember about these weeks is how incredibly happy I am.

When we got married, I remember wishing we had taken a picture of our rings together. You know how people do that - their rings stuck in the bouquet or some other staged photo like that. But a few days after Andrew got home, I got my own, unstaged wedding ring picture. We were in the kitchen doing the dishes together, and the kids were playing nearby. I glanced up on the window sill and saw our rings sitting there together and got the most overwhelming feeling of contentment. We belong together. I am so happy to have my Andrew home.
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Lacking Productivity said...

We have a picture of our rings in my bouquet, and I always thought it was ridiculous. Who puts rings in flowers? Why would you ask me to remove my wedding ring on my freaking wedding day? Where do you propose I put such a photo? It never made sense to my logical mind, but maybe, had I had a better photographer, I wouldn't have needed an explanation, because it would be art.

Your rings, on the other hand, are not contrived at all, and there is something so endearing and charming about the two rings, sitting on the window seal, as you were working together.

Happy being home together.